Accessories available with the new DOLPHIN IQ/4D


Infrared Remote Control

The remote control allows the user to operate away from the system, and by the patient bed. The remote control includes dedicated keys for most of the main functions, as well as some user-defined keys.

 In general, there are four groups of keys in the remote control, as shown below: Signal Control Keys, Main Keys, Next and Arrows, and Configurable Keys.


Dolphin – Monitoring Headset

The Dolphin offers a monitoring headset that can be used during TCD monitoring. The headset allows unilateral or bilateral monitoring. It is fixed and tightened over the patient head with the knob located in the front of the head set. The monitoring probes are inserted through the probe fixation sub-unit and enable to adjust the position of the probes in the X, Y, and angular directions.




Dolphin – Footswitch

The Dolphin offers a footswitch which allows the operator to maintain his/her focus on the patient with a dedicated foot switch.

The operating buttons on the footswitch are configurable according to required functions.